We believe there is always a solution. If you need money for just about anything, we will find you a solution. We also know some pretty handy people in some pretty handy places so if you need help with anything, finance or property related, if we can’t help you we can pass you on to the best in the business.

Our team have been around a while and one of the things we love to do is to educate others. We don’t get taught the things we believe we should at school such as setting up small business, tax, borrowing and much more. Seeing our clients have a “light bulb” moment is by far one of the most rewarding things we can be part of. Knowledge is power!


We have a strong understanding of the financial requirements a Doctor has throughout their professional lifecycle, from student to private practice and everything in between.

Leveraging from strong relationships with lenders, you can be sure that you’re receiving the most competitive and most flexible offering available to suit your current circumstances and your longer-term goals.

There is also a range of lending options available to our Medical Professionals to allow them to borrow up to 95% of the value of residential property and 100% for business premises/practice purchases.

Personal / Investment Finance

• Purchasing or refinancing own home
• Investing in residential property
• Purchasing vehicles

Business / Commercial Finance

• Purchasing a new practice
• Purchasing or refinancing business premises
• Purchasing of equipment
• Goodwill / unsecured finance



You have no doubt heard that all Australian banks have pulled out of lending to overseas borrowers who have purchased investment property in Australia. This has made things more difficult to those who have purchased property 'off the plan' years ago that now need finance for settlement.

We have several non-bank lenders who will still lend to overseas borrowers. They are more expensive than the average investment loan however it most certainly can be done. If you are an overseas borrower who has had to settle your property with cash, we can also arrange for you to get your “cash out” up to 65%* of the value of the property.

Even if you are an ex-pat or an Australian living in Australia earning foreign income, things have also got tougher for you. Generally, all banks have tightened up dramatically on all applicants who earn foreign income. They take a very conservative approach to the amount of your income they are willing to use for the purpose of servicing a loan. For example, generally your net income will be converted to Australian dollars and then 60%-90% (depending on the lender and currency) of this figure will be used in servicing which does greatly affect your borrowing capacity. If you earn a currency outside the major currencies, your income may not be accepted at all. To add to that, most banks will not lend at all to any self employed applicants who earn foreign income. Once again, we have many non-bank lenders who don’t take such a harsh approach.

*Dependant on security type and other lending criteria


Despite all the major banks pulling out of SMSF lending, there are still many options available to you if you would like to borrow money through your self managed super fund to invest in property. If you have previously done your homework on this you will know that the banks, before they pulled out, had some difficult qualifying criteria to meet such as minimum fund size of $250,000 and tough post settlement liquidity requirements. The non-bank lenders we have access to are much more flexible then the banks were and also have lower rates.

We can offer

• no minimum fund size
• no or low residual liquidity requirements
• residential or commercial security
• Up to 75% LVR depending on security type



Having bank, non-bank, specialist and private lender options to work with, we cater to a range of borrower circumstances across multiple asset types including motor vehicles, motorcycles, commercial plant & equipment and yellow goods.

We have options for all the below:

• Low doc
• Low or no deposit
• Short term or new ABN
• Older vehicles

Our team will show you how to get the funds you need for the growth you want!


The way we work here in Australia has really changed over the last 20 years. More people are working for themselves, doing more than one job or working different sorts of hours.

Real working life in Australia is pretty varied. 17% of Aussies are self-employed, with around 1 million being independent contractors. And we don’t all do a 40-hour week; nearly a third of us work part time.

That’s why proof of ‘standard income’ is often something we don’t have when it comes to applying for a home loan. Yet research shows that 26% of Aussies that were turned down for a loan were declined because of employment status. If you’re having trouble because of your type of employment or because your income type doesn’t tick the right boxes, talk to us. There are most definitely lenders with products specially designed for you.

Some of the situations we can help with

• Newly self-employed (3, 6, 12 months ABN accepted)
• Tax returns not completed
• Failed to meet Lenders Mortgage Insurance requirements
• Cash out for approved business purposes
• Payout business/tax debt
• Borrowers with impaired credit history or discharged bankruptcy

Pepper Money (2017). The Lost Aussies: 3.6 million locked out of the financial system. A Research Report. Pureprofile research, Sydney Australia, 2017



If you have had the courage to back yourself and start a small business, hats off to you! It is not easy. Like many small business owners you are likely extremely talented in your field but may not have the knowledge with regards to the business side of things to either take the first step and start a business or really take things to the next level.

Investing in educating yourself is the best business investment you can make. Our coaching sessions are very practical and are tailored around where you are at, your current pain points and your future goals.

Common areas we cover

• Banking
• Book keeping
• Entities, tax & BAS
• Understanding your tax returns & financial statements
• Borrowing money
• Investment strategies
• Streamlining processes

• Creating processes
• Outsourcing
• Using technology
• Sales coaching and strategy
• Employing staff
• Cost savings
• Liability


You may have learned to recite the periodic table of elements or how to calculate the area of a triangle at school but these things won’t help you when you leave school and need to start adulting.

We are in the process of creating some short, interactive, online learning modules to teach you the things you really should have been taught at school. Budgeting, tax, mortgages, investment, small business and all that grown-up stuff!

Stay tuned!

Do you need finance to fuel your business growth? Or is your self employment getting in the way of being able to borrow money?

Most of our clients are self employed and there are many options for you. Not all lenders are the same when it comes to assessing self employed income.

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