Big Bang Theory

From Little Things, Big Things Grow
December 7, 2018

Big Bang Theory

I would like to introduce myself and Evolve Money. My name is Robyn and I am the owner of Evolve Money. Evolve Money is a finance company as Im sure you can guess. Our job is to find you money for whatever it is you want in life – car, holiday, house, a business, anything really. Essentially we don’t do much different to any other finance company but we do actually really care and are passionate about being part of getting you what you want and partaking (in a small way) in the evolution of you.

I come from a background in psychology would you believe but ended up in banking. Long story which I wont bore you with. Im passionate about fitness and nutrition and I guess Evolve came from my innate drive to help people become the best they can be in every area of their life. Evolve Money is just the start of a bigger picture I have for Evolve as a brand but we all have to start somewhere right?

They tell you as a sales manager in banking that your role is to make sales people into sales champions and all that blah but really the real driver behind that rhetoric is just to make a huge corporation richer. After many many years in banking, at the end of the day, no matter which bank you work for you are replaceable and no one really actually cares about you, it just comes down to numbers. As a bank employee you work for the bank, not the customer, despite what their advertising tells you. As a broker, we work for you. Every scenario is different and it is our job to find you the best solution for you plus we do actually care about you.

We are a fairly young(ish) team. I like to think we are all fairly clever and creative and we do love to have a laugh (and a wine!). We are so lucky to have just the greatest clients. I have a lot of fun with them all. I love to be part of their lives and usually end up as a life long friend or adopted daughter!

From this blog you can expect not just finance tips about how to save interest and the usual stuff (which I hope I can make more interesting than it is on all the other finance blogs), travel, health and fitness and maybe some stuff on relationships and psychology. This is the stuff I love and I guess all the big things that affect our lives and shape who we are.

It is a glorious Sunday in Bondi, 27 degrees and sunny so Ill leave it there for now and will be back soon. Have a good one!

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